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Horse tack is the gear that is needed for riding horses.  There are a number of items that you need in order to ride a horse, and they are called horse tack.  There is western tack and English tack, as there are two schools of thought on horse tack.  Some riders prefer western tack and some riders prefer English tack.  Generally speaking, riders in the United States use western tack and riders in Europe use English tack.  As always, there are exceptions to this rule.  While there are a number of options available for horse tack, as a rider you can choose what you would like to use and what you would prefer to leave out. 

Horse tack includes a large number of things you will need for riding a horse.  Of course, before riding a horse, you need to evaluate your horse tack needs.  Additionally, you must evaluate your needs as a rider.  While your horse needs a great deal of horse tack, or horse riding equipment to be ready, you too need riding apparel.  Your horse will appreciate it if you are as ready to ride as it is to be ridden.  As far as horse tack is concerned, you will need to decide if you prefer western tack or English tack. 

If you own a miniature horse, you require mini horse tack.  Mini horse tack is essentially the same equipment as regular horse tack, but it is customize to fit your miniature horse.  Mini horse tack is more challenging to find than horse tack for full-sized horses.  You can usually find mini horse tack online, and sometimes at your local horse supply store.  If you shop at your local horse supply store frequently, and they do not carry mini horse tack, they may be willing to special order mini horse tack just for you.  It never hurts to ask. 

Western tack is the most popular horse tack in the United States.  Some common western tack supplies are: bits, breast collars, cinches, hackamores, headstalls, saddle bags, saddle pads, stirrups, trail saddles, and western saddles.  Of course, there are a number of additional western tack supplies you could select.  Also, there is likely some overlap with western tack and English tack.  When it comes to western tack and riding gear, almost everything is optional.  You must know your horse before you decide what wester tack supplies are required and what you can do without. 

If you want to ride your horse, horse tack is almost always a requirement.  Horse tack is something you can shop for forever, and never complete your collection.  It is likely that you will find something else you or your horse needs every time you shop for horse tack. Your horse is bound to appreciate the time and consideration you put into shopping for horse tack. 

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