Looking After Your Horses in the Winter Part Five

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So when you find Appaloosa horses for sale or any other horse for sale, you can be sure that their thick fur and skin will keep them warm. This is their number one defense against the cold. What that means though is that you need to make sure that you do everything you can to keep them as healthy as possible.

This means that during the winter it is even more important that you provide them with lots of minerals, vitamins and protein. Give them more feed and generally make sure that it is a well balanced diet they are getting. Ensuring they get natural oils is important too, and this plays an important role in keeping your horse warm in the rain. What will happen here is that the horse you bought when you found horses for sale will use the natural oils in its fur in order to prevent the water from being absorbed by its fur. Instead the oils will ensure that the rain just runs off much like when you try to wash up an oily pan (except it’s desirable in the case of Mustang horses for sale).

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