Looking After Your Horses in the Winter Part Four

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This can become even more of a problem in other cases when your horse gets wet in the rain. When this happens there is a risk that the blanket will become drenched and heavy. It will further flatten the horse’s natural fur but at the same time it will prevent it from drying out in the wind and sun. What will happen then is that your horse will end up getting wetter and being unable to dry off as a result of your attempt to keep it warmer. Remember then, that when you find quarter horses for sale, Arabian horses for sale or any other kind of horse – that you are getting a creature that is naturally designed with one of the ultimate defenses against the cold and you’ll have a hard time improving on that.

The only time you might want to use a blanket is if it is very cold (sub zero temperatures) and you’re sure your horse will remain dry. Normally though even then provided lots of hay and straw is a better bet.

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