Looking After Your Horses in the Winter Part Eight

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When your horses are out in the pasture then a three sided shed is a highly useful thing to have as it allows the horses to hide from the rain and to prevent themselves from getting wet. Remember that your horse’s coat does not work as well when it is wet as it flattens the fur and prevents it from being able to trap air to use as an insulator. Meanwhile rain can cause problems for a horse’s temperature in other ways – because it will steel the horse’s body heat in order to evaporate leaving them colder as a result.

This then means that you can let your horses roam free during the day and means that you don’t need to always be around to lead them to their stalls when it starts to rain – they will be able to take shelter themselves when they need it. When you find Andalusion horses for sale, Mustang horses for sale or any other horse for sale, then you need to also look into purchasing a three sided shed if you are keeping them on your land.

You also need to look into the stall which is where you will keep your horses at night.

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