Buying Horses for Your Little Girl Part Three

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Once you get your horses for sale though, you needn’t really worry too much about looking after them and this is actually a lot easier than you might think.

For instance, a common concern with miniature horses is that they live outside – most of us think that this then means they are exposed to the elements which means they could easily get ill and have other problems. The reality though is that your horses are actually perfectly suited to living outside and this is the natural way for a horse; their coats are designed for living outside. The way a horse’s coat works is by having lots of very fine hairs that fall naturally onto their back, these then don’t sit entirely flat because they are very light and that means that they create air pockets in and around them where air can collect. This in turn adds to the insulation of your horse’s hair because air is a great insulator. This means that your horse’s coat can keep it warm even when it’s very cold. And more great news – your little girl’s horse will have an oily coat and that will mean that water runs right off it.

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