The Amazing Coat of a Horse Part Four

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This is because Shetland ponies are bread in colder climates and they have more fur as a result. This keeps them warmer and traps more air as well so you shouldn’t shave it off.

One thing that can be a problem though is rain, and if there’s a lot of rain it can end up getting soaked up by the horse’s hair and that causes it to get heavier and to fall flatter. Now there is no space for the hair to let the air get in between and this means that its insulating properties are diminished thoroughly.

You need to protect your horse against this if you decide to act on a horse for sale. You can do so by providing your horse with shelter and that means something like a three sided shed on their pasture and a stable to keep them in when it’s very bad.

If you have a lot of rain though don’t let this put you off horses for sale as there are other natural defenses your horse will have against rain too – the oil produced by its skin and hair providing a sheen and a gloss to the hair that causes rain water to just run off it aided by gravity rather than weighing the hair down.

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