The Amazing Coat of a Horse Part Three

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So how does that incredible coat work? You might be skeptical that it could keep your horse warm when often it’s so thin (particularly for a Stallion for sale or another racing horse) but this is actually a misunderstanding.

The fact is that your horse’s hair has lots of small gaps in it – they’re fine hairs and that means that there’s lots of space for air to get in. This might sound like a bad thing, but in actual fact it’s good because air is a really good insulator and if it’s in the fur then it will add a layer of insulation to its coat. This is actually how string vests work and it’s why it’s important that the horse’s hair remains unflattened in order to work at its best. That’s also why it’s not a good idea to drape a blanket over your horse – as it flattens the hairs and prevents them from doing their job properly.

Of course in the case of Shetland ponies for sale this is slightly different and they have much thicker hair.

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