Miniature Horses – A Breed

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Miniature horses are usually of the size of a very small pony, which are the outcome of several years of selective breeding techniques. These horses may seem peculiar, when they are exhibited in horse shows, but they possess friendly and interactive characteristics and many of them retain their natural horse behavior.

Miniature horses are commonly called as “minis”. They are specifically bred for performing different tasks. They could be used for working in coal mines or to perform in circus shows. Miniature horses are also trained to provide assistance for the disabled. They are most often kept as pets at home. The average life span of minis is the same as that of full-sized horses and they can even live longer.

Different breeds of miniature horses that exist, in different countries worldwide, include Shetland pony, Midget pony, Dartmoor pony, Welsh pony and Falabella miniature horse. In order to belong to a particular breed, these miniature horses must qualify certain standards. These include being no more than 7 to 8 hands high, possessing rounded hooves, widely spaced eyes, having straight parallel legs and having a well-proportioned body.

There are miniature horses for sale all around the world, waiting to be purchased or adopted. Miniature horse can be a best suited and able companion to anyone. You can also find miniature horses for sale online.

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