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The leopard Appaloosa horse, as it name suggests has a spotted coat like the leopards and is best known for its purposes as a stock horse. The appaloosa breed had been declined after 1877 Nez Perce war but a few of the dedicated horsemen had saved this beautiful breed of horses and their numbers increased slowly in the years to follow.

Appaloosa horses for sale are beautiful horses and the breed was declared the official state horses of Idaho in 1975 and are one of the most popular horses in the United States of America. The structure of the old breed was lean, tall and handsome although the new generation of the breed is much more muscular due to the advancement in their provided diet and exercise.

The Appaloosa is famous for its beautiful spotted coat, the spots generally occur on the lower back of the body, above the hind legs, muzzle and the genitalia. Their eyes have a white sclera and most of these horses have striped hooves.

The Western and English riders use this breed extensively and are used for a large number of games including pole bending and barrel racing. Generally used for middle-distance racing the Appaloosa hold the record of a whooping 4.5 furlongs, this was set in 1989.

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