American Paint Horses for Sale

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Also known as the “Pinto” horse, the American paint horse is one of the most beautiful horses all around the globe. Their ravishing coat and their extremely beautiful colour combinations are a sight worth seeing. It is not merely a colour breed but is also known for its distinguishing characteristics and is one of the fastest growing breeds in North-America.

They have a unique colour combination of white and another colour from the equine spectrum. They generally have white hooves and their spotting patterns differ from each other. Paint horses for sale with the sabino genetics have beautiful blue eyes, pink lips and nostrils and minimal roaning.

The breed is known to be one of the most popular in America, having a low centre of gravity for better manoeuvrability, a heavy built(but not tall) and a muscular structure, they are remarkable for their powers in speed and sprinting.
A paint horse can be easily recognized from its features, the spotted coat, the stock horse built and strong muscles are all unique and beautiful. Properly bred and treated paint horses can be very useful and breathtaking. Before going in the market for these horses it is important to learn how to recognize the breed.

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