Friesian Horses for Sale

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Originating from the Netherlands, the Friesian horses are dark sexy black with a strong built with beautiful flowing hair. Dark black in colour these horses are elegant, agile, powerfully muscled and have a thick mane and tail, one of the most unusual features that add up to beauty of this fine creature is that it has feathers on the thighs.

The Friesians popularity is increasing day by day and proving its uses in both harness and under the saddle. The hair is deliberately untrimmed so as to not ruin the beauty, occasionally chestnut; this breed is very rare but well kept and looked after.

The modern Friesian breed increased throughout the good part of the previous century. The new and “modified” breed is much more agile, strong and muscular and is used mostly in movies because of the “dramatic” appearance. The black colour of the horse, though captivating, is not the only feature of the horse.

Its high stepping ability adds to the class and style and also the horses are used for carriage and transport purposes. Friesian horses for sale, have starred in a lot of movies from Hollywood and this is probably one good reason for their wide popularity, movies like Othello, Conan the barbarian and The Chronicles of Narnia have also featured this particular breed.

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