Missouri Fox Trotter Horses for Sale

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Valued for its smoothness the Missouri fox trotter is an American bred horse and are mostly shown in Western style performance classes. Its unique gait is the purpose of its popularity as the name suggests, it appears to be “walking” on the front legs while trotting on the hind legs at the same time.

The sight of this horse walking is very mesmerising and beautiful and reminds us of how beautiful and capable other miracles of nature are. It moves its head in perfect synchronisation and rhythm of the trot which adds to the “showy” appearance.

The four beat gaits are best used for climbing and riding through rocky, hilly and forested land. This was discovered when the pioneers came in the 18th century to Kentucky and Missouri etc. the tail of the horse is very rhythmic to the movement and perfectly balances the movement of the head.

Missouri horses for sale are capable of ruining 12 mph; sometimes the speed may range from 12-18 mph when the horse performs a speedy trot. It can also perform the flat foot walk and the regular canter perfectly.

The horse was found irreplaceable by the 19th century users mostly because of its smoothness and astonishing capabilities.

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