Icelandic Horses for Sale

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The Icelandic breed was initiated in the Iceland. They are very small and sometimes their body size is found equivalent to that of a pony, however most of the registrations for Icelandic Horse are referred to as a horse and not a pony. They are hardy and bear a long life.

Icelandic breed weighs around 330 to 385 kilograms; they commonly have a short height equal to 13 to 14 hands that is equal to 52 to 56 inches. It is said that its weight, the structure of its bones and its weight carrying capabilities helps to classify this breed as horses instead of a pony.

Icelandic Horses for sale exist in numerous colors such as dun, bay, black, gray, chestnut, palomino and pinto. Their shoulders are sloping whereas the neck is muscular, the head being nicely proportioned, are liked by many people. Another major difference between them and a pony is that they have stronger legs and a double coat.

These horses are widely used for a number of purposes but the most common is racing. In Iceland, both gallop and pace races are held mostly between April and June as the temperature in these months is favorable for the objective

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