Peruvian Paso Horses for Sale

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The Peruvian Paso horses are renowned for the contended and smooth ride they have to offer, they can be picked out just by listening to their natural gait that is specially known as the Paso llano. The horse type that consists of such horses with a smooth gait is known as Palfrey.

Their four-beat steps have an ambling sound unlike the typical trot four-beat walk, and can be classified as the lateral one. Peruvian Paso horses have another way of walking as well that can be defined as the faster version of Paso llano.

Peruvian Paso Horses for Sale appear to be one of the most beautiful horses at the same time. It is because of their uncommon appearance traits that include the deep chest, smooth flank area, heavy neck and a strong build.

Peruvian Paso breed’s height is also perfect, neither very talk nor very short. The horses of this family have an average height that looks well balanced and gorgeous. Stallion Peruvian Paso horses are known for their classy temperament and thicker body proportion.

People confuse the Peruvian Paso with the Paso Fino breed however there is no link between both the types and the Spanish word “Paso” simply means step. These horses have been called the national kind of the country “Peru”.

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