Hungarian Warmblood: Sounds Like A Hot Date To Me

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So I have determined after a short inner office poll between the ladies in the office that I am the only person in the office who thinks that Hungarian Warmblood sounds extremely provocative instead of like a horse breed. The inner voice in my head says it with a squinted eyes and deep Antonia Banderas accented voice and it makes me giggle every time. Is that what it really should sound like? I am not horse expert but I would have to say if I heard a strongly accented voice tell me “I have Hungarian Warmblood horses for sale. You Buy one?” I would buy one! Now again I have polled the ladies in the office and even though they giggled when I did my personal Banderas impression they said I should not quit my day job. So I hit the books again trying desperately to learn more about the Hungarian Warmblood and its real natural talents and found that it is amazing in many other ways rather than just for a giggle.
The Hungarian Warmblood is a sport horse. Mostly disciplined in things like dressage, show jumping, cross-country and combined driving. The breed standards for the Hungarian Warmblood are now very rigid to insure that they breed is inspected, licensed and approved by the Hungarian Warmblood breeding communities all over the world.
I have to admit if I were on any of these committees on name alone I would want this horse breed to be held to a high standard. We can’t have such a strong name giving way to a meek and tender idea in the minds of individuals like me. We want a name like Hungarian Warmblood horses to strike an air of highly sophisticated, elegant, and mysteriously provocative. Ok! Maybe not the provocative part but I will allow my imagination to run wild and free with silly ideas of regal underlain blood lines. Strong blood lines and horses with manly attitude and strength in every step gallantly taken as the definitions that race amongst the images in my head every time I hear the name Hungarian Warmblood.

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