Abyssinian The Rosettes Horse

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The Abyssinian horse breed is most commonly known for the “rosettes” that it displays. This as well as the beautiful muscle ridges shown through out the body are tell tail signs that a horse is a descendant in the Abyssinian breed. The coat of this breed is short as with many other horse breeds, it is however a harsh coat. The rosettes generally appear around the joints of the horses legs. Many are somewhat prominent which is how the Abyssinian was given the nick name the Rosettes Horse. These horses often have defined muscular features and ridges in the body. Another fascinating fact is that the hair grows in several different directions in the coat and because of this it can sometimes be difficult to brush and maintain but it can be done if taken the care to do so with the horse’s coat. Many of the Abyssinians are born with green eyes do to an extremely unusual gene pool. These great features are easy to become attached to with the Abyssinian horse. This breed is often considered a small breed of horse but was originally bred for strength to work through the mountainous areas of its origin in Ethiopia.

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