The Majestic Akhal Teke Horse

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If you love long beautiful muscular legs then you will love the Akhal Teke. A sleek sexy build with curves for any ones delight. The beauty behind these amazing beasts has been attributed to the diet they require. Many of the Akhal Teke are said to require a hearty diet with low bulk but high protein. Many ways owners work towards these types of diets are adding eggs into barley mix for feedings on occasion. This diet pushes the lengthy curves in the animal which helps with many of the sexy slender attributes of this animal. The long slender legs are also attributed to the tendons that are easily seen when looking at these magnificent sexy legs. The Akhel Teke is not only magnificent but majestic as well. The flow of the body when in motion is one of the reasons so many love to use this breed in show jumping and dressage. The built of this breeds body is captivating to many and has been for many centuries. The ancient origin of this breed has made it possible for so many people to fall desperately in love its form, feel, and temperament. An amazing beast like the Akhal Teke is one that brings light to the perfect qualities in a horse breed.

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