History Of The Akhal Teke Horse

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The history of this breed is very hard to research as there are many great sources but most of these sources say the same great things about this ancient breed. The breed is said to originate from Turkmenistan, which is a Turkic state. Its location is near Afghanistan to the southeast. From here this breed has traveled the world round and has become a legend of its own valor. The Akhal Teke horse breed was said to be used as a cavalry mount as well as a racehorse for upwards of around 3000 years or so give or take. Some of these resources have been validated where as others are just someone’s opinion. The Akhal Teke is favorably compared to the Persian Arab by many and by many accounts by individuals is an amazing horse. The main is short and silky, and in some case it has no main at all. The eyes of this steady beast are captivating and always has been said to be very expressive for an animal. A sleek and stunning neck, narrow chest, with flat ribs all contribute to the aesthetic factors of this breed. The Akhal Teke Horse is a favorite to many for many reasons and will remain a favorite for years to come.

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