The Azteca

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Riding horseback is a favorite past time for many Americans as well as others all across the world. Finding the right horse for your needs is the most important aspect of enjoying the ride. Not all horses and their temperaments are a fit for everyone. Some individuals may want a horse they can ride hard and fast and others many need a horse that works best under harder terrain. The Aztec is extremely mobile and has strong lengthy legs that make it perfect for maneuvering on a somewhat harsh terrain. They originated in Spanish regions some of which used them to cross hilly areas as well as run cattle in these same areas. The Aztecā€™s importance was not just to be a beautiful horse to admire but to be a horse that was more than capable to accomplish the basic needs of the herding individuals in Mexico who prefer to use this breed. Today the Aztec has become more versatile however is still used for the same purposes as its origin. Aztec foal are inspected twice at a young age to insure the stability of the horses structure and stance. They are trained in most cases from the youngest age possible to insure not only strength but good health.

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