A Horse Of Many Colors

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As far back as history has been documented the Appaloosa has been there. As early as the cave paintings 20,000 plus years ago the Appaloosa appeared in many depicted scenes. Ancient Persians even worshiped the horse breed. The “Great War Horse” Rakush was even documented to be a fierce horse rode in the Arabian Afghanistan era and was rode by Rustan. These great stories only touch on the beginning of such a great horse breed. The Appaloosa, which to some is referred to the Horse of Many Colors as well as coat patterns. These variations in the coat colors and patterns give way to a spectacular adoration from many people all over the world. The Appaloosa is also a horse that many seek and many look for the right pattern, colors, and coat to fit into their imagination of the perfect horse. When the find the Appaloosa the want they know almost as if the horse and that person were destined to be with each other. These horses were at one time considered a strong willed horse and that is one other aspect that brought people to the amazement of this horse breed. Others feel that is why in recent history the Appaloosa lost its luster to many and almost became non-existent.

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