American Walking Pony A New Generation

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The American Walking Pony is considered a fairly new horse breed. It is bred by crossing the Tennessee Walking Horse with the Welsh Pony. This combination of horse breeds gives the desired outcome that individuals were looking for when the American Walking Pony was created. The breed averages in height around 14 hands tall and it can be many different colors. This horse breed has the ability to be multiple gaits such as walking, pleasure walking, merry walk, trot, canter, slow gait and the rack. This is because it has three unique gaits but is able to compete in seven. The American Walking Pony is used for these specific gaits because it has the ability to be that versatile to its owner. With the Welsh Pony heritage in place the pony also makes for an excellent light hunter which adds to the many different things this horse is know to be used for. The amazing abilities bred into this breed were done on purpose when the originating cross began. Just as a little history teaser the first great registered stallion as an American Walking Pony was BT Golden Splendor and the first mare was Browntree’s Flicka.

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