Show Pony The American Walking Horse

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Many breeds are bred for a specific intent on the use of that particular bred. Some are breed for agility others are bred for things like stamina and strength. All the while other horses are breed specifically for show. The American Walking Pony is just that, a horse breed that was intended as a show horse breed. The American Walking Pony has been used in the show arena and since its creation has won several events such as the Open Pleasure, Open Western Pleasure, as well as the Competitive Trail Division. It has easily won such competitions because of its natural developments. It is because the Pony can be taught to walk a certain way, as well as with certain amounts of pressure on a particular leg or not. The American Walking Pony is also very easy to train and is most often used to being harnessed. It can also acclimate to the particular types of equipment needed in different show situations. The greatness never ceases with the American Walking Pony and it can often be attributed to the originating breeds crossed to create this breed. The Tennessee Walking Horse and the Welsh Pony are the back bone of this horse cross breeding in its origination but as with most crosses the breed holds its own when being breed to this day.

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