Thoroughbred In The Movie War Horse

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The recently released movie War Horse features the birth of a beautiful Bay Thoroughbred Horse in the beginning of the movie. The young man who watch’s this magnificent moment Albert Narracott played by Jeremy Irvine, is depicted in a moment of awe as he stands aside watching the birth. The plot unfolds as it shows the curious young boy attempting to entice the young horse with an apple with the hopes to possible get to touch this beautiful young colt. As luck would have it Narracotts father was feeling a bit arrogant the day this amazing horse was brought to action and was not willing to give up until he won the prized young horse. The Thoroughbred horse was bought and brought home as a farm horse but as the story unfolds the family becomes desperate to pay rent and the horse is then sold to the army. Young Narracott is distraught and promises to find young Joey, which is the Thoroughbreds name and they depart. Without giving away too much of the movie the Young boy who grows to be a man joins the war, and he finds his precious Thoroughbred. It is endearing and worth the lengthy story just to see them reunited in the end; War Horse is a great movie to watch with any horse lover or animal lover.

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