The Distinct Breed Caspian Miniature Horse

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The Caspian Horses delicate and refined look is deceiving. The Hardy and durable body of this Hot Blooded Arabian descendent is hidden under its delicate exterior presentation. History shows the Caspian as almost extinct at one point but in the 1960’s was revived and brought back to popularity. Sine then the breed has grown and many individuals love the breed dearly. The Caspian is also loved by many because they are a horse breed that is a social butterfly. They love to be around people and love to be given lots of attention. Most of all children love the breed because of the fact that this horse breed is perfect in size and many horse riding schools use them during training and learning. Because of the congeniality of this horse breed it is versatile for many uses that involve children and the use of this breed. There are many lovers of this horse breed and have been many lovers of this breed for years. The Caspian Horse lovers have several associations that have developed over the years and most individual owners belong to these associations and organizations. Many of the Caspian associations and organizations are considered non-profit as with most organizations and associations.

Azteca Horses

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The Azteca was started in 1992 as a cross between the Andalusian and the American Quarter Horse. Some of the original crosses were also Andalusian Stallions and Criollo horses. In more recent years the Azteca qualities were bred to create a more suitable horse for riding culture in its Native Mexico. The Azteca can be very docile at times as well as lively. They are extremely mobile which is why they are such a popular horse breed. They are considered beauty in action with a more exquisite pace about them. These beautiful horses have big eyes that almost seem to speak to you about the personality of the horse you are standing near. Their necks are muscular and arched. They average around 14 to 15.2 hands high and have beautiful strong muscular legs. These Spanish descendant horses are a stunning breed and many people love the breed. Many of these people are also interested in the horses best interest in the case of being misused or mistreated and several national organizations have been founded to assist with the betterment of the breed and its protection. The Azteca is easy to fall in love with and not hard at all to train in most cases. Finding the right Azteca Foal is important in determining the horses ability as it grows.

A Horse Of Many Colors

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As far back as history has been documented the Appaloosa has been there. As early as the cave paintings 20,000 plus years ago the Appaloosa appeared in many depicted scenes. Ancient Persians even worshiped the horse breed. The “Great War Horse” Rakush was even documented to be a fierce horse rode in the Arabian Afghanistan era and was rode by Rustan. These great stories only touch on the beginning of such a great horse breed. The Appaloosa, which to some is referred to the Horse of Many Colors as well as coat patterns. These variations in the coat colors and patterns give way to a spectacular adoration from many people all over the world. The Appaloosa is also a horse that many seek and many look for the right pattern, colors, and coat to fit into their imagination of the perfect horse. When the find the Appaloosa the want they know almost as if the horse and that person were destined to be with each other. These horses were at one time considered a strong willed horse and that is one other aspect that brought people to the amazement of this horse breed. Others feel that is why in recent history the Appaloosa lost its luster to many and almost became non-existent.

The Azteca

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Riding horseback is a favorite past time for many Americans as well as others all across the world. Finding the right horse for your needs is the most important aspect of enjoying the ride. Not all horses and their temperaments are a fit for everyone. Some individuals may want a horse they can ride hard and fast and others many need a horse that works best under harder terrain. The Aztec is extremely mobile and has strong lengthy legs that make it perfect for maneuvering on a somewhat harsh terrain. They originated in Spanish regions some of which used them to cross hilly areas as well as run cattle in these same areas. The Aztec’s importance was not just to be a beautiful horse to admire but to be a horse that was more than capable to accomplish the basic needs of the herding individuals in Mexico who prefer to use this breed. Today the Aztec has become more versatile however is still used for the same purposes as its origin. Aztec foal are inspected twice at a young age to insure the stability of the horses structure and stance. They are trained in most cases from the youngest age possible to insure not only strength but good health.

The Nez Perce Indians History With The Appaloosa

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The northern tribes of the Nez Perce Indians were very well versed with the Appaloosa. They were actually very selective with the horses that were chosen to breed so as to produce the best quality Appaloosa horses around. The first time Meriwether Lewis saw the horse breed he was infatuated. It is even said he uttered “This horse breed appears to be an excellent race”. These great horses were the symbol of greatness that many associated to the Nez Perce tribes until the defeat of their tribe. The end of the Appaloosa was near until they were written about by a famous author who struck a cord in many of his readers and brought the breed back from almost utter extinction. Unfortunately today the breed is suffering once again with the crossing of the breed into other horses causing loss of confirmation and disposition. The Appaloosa has lost character and some have lost the idea behind trying to find the perfect horse for them within the Appaloosa breed. They have lost most of the vibrancy in their coat color as well as the character that are the breeds standards of today. The fight within this tragedy is that many people still love the breed and always will love the Appaloosa.

History Of The Akhal Teke Horse

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The history of this breed is very hard to research as there are many great sources but most of these sources say the same great things about this ancient breed. The breed is said to originate from Turkmenistan, which is a Turkic state. Its location is near Afghanistan to the southeast. From here this breed has traveled the world round and has become a legend of its own valor. The Akhal Teke horse breed was said to be used as a cavalry mount as well as a racehorse for upwards of around 3000 years or so give or take. Some of these resources have been validated where as others are just someone’s opinion. The Akhal Teke is favorably compared to the Persian Arab by many and by many accounts by individuals is an amazing horse. The main is short and silky, and in some case it has no main at all. The eyes of this steady beast are captivating and always has been said to be very expressive for an animal. A sleek and stunning neck, narrow chest, with flat ribs all contribute to the aesthetic factors of this breed. The Akhal Teke Horse is a favorite to many for many reasons and will remain a favorite for years to come.

The Majestic Akhal Teke Horse

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If you love long beautiful muscular legs then you will love the Akhal Teke. A sleek sexy build with curves for any ones delight. The beauty behind these amazing beasts has been attributed to the diet they require. Many of the Akhal Teke are said to require a hearty diet with low bulk but high protein. Many ways owners work towards these types of diets are adding eggs into barley mix for feedings on occasion. This diet pushes the lengthy curves in the animal which helps with many of the sexy slender attributes of this animal. The long slender legs are also attributed to the tendons that are easily seen when looking at these magnificent sexy legs. The Akhel Teke is not only magnificent but majestic as well. The flow of the body when in motion is one of the reasons so many love to use this breed in show jumping and dressage. The built of this breeds body is captivating to many and has been for many centuries. The ancient origin of this breed has made it possible for so many people to fall desperately in love its form, feel, and temperament. An amazing beast like the Akhal Teke is one that brings light to the perfect qualities in a horse breed.

Abyssinian An Ethiopian Breed

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One of the Ethiopian horse breeds, the Abyssinian is and has been bred for strength since it origin. The idea was for the horse to be small and able to travel many of the great mountainous areas around Ethiopia. Because of this the Abyssinian is loved for its smaller stature but strength capabilities. Often it is called a light pony type horse, and is favored among those who prefer a horse that is moderately short in stature. The Abyssinian is also sometimes called the Gala horse, as the stature is often averaged around 13 hands high. Many historians attribute this breed to one of the oldest found horse breeds in history with documented information available in many historical books found in some of the older libraries of England. Even with the stature of the average sized pony the Abyssinian is considered a horse and a much welled loved horse breed. Individuals have tried for years to perfect the horse breed in several ways including the simplest of ideas like making the rosettes in the coat of the horse more dominant. Either way you want to view the Abyssinian it is a great horse breed and fond to many across several if not all continents.

Abyssinian The Rosettes Horse

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The Abyssinian horse breed is most commonly known for the “rosettes” that it displays. This as well as the beautiful muscle ridges shown through out the body are tell tail signs that a horse is a descendant in the Abyssinian breed. The coat of this breed is short as with many other horse breeds, it is however a harsh coat. The rosettes generally appear around the joints of the horses legs. Many are somewhat prominent which is how the Abyssinian was given the nick name the Rosettes Horse. These horses often have defined muscular features and ridges in the body. Another fascinating fact is that the hair grows in several different directions in the coat and because of this it can sometimes be difficult to brush and maintain but it can be done if taken the care to do so with the horse’s coat. Many of the Abyssinians are born with green eyes do to an extremely unusual gene pool. These great features are easy to become attached to with the Abyssinian horse. This breed is often considered a small breed of horse but was originally bred for strength to work through the mountainous areas of its origin in Ethiopia.

Paint Colors And Patterns

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The American Paint horse is a colorful and playful breed. The colors and patterns are actually recognized and named so when individuals are looking for a specific color or pattern type they can easily identify the American Paint Horse color and pattern they prefer. This can also be a little confusing if you are someone that has a hard time determining what you want. For example you can find cremellos, perlino, pearl, and even a shade of grey sometimes in the American Paint Horse. This along with other colors that are the more dominant colors such as sorrel, chestnut, black, bay and brown make the possibilities seem limitless. Determining the dominant color you desire mixed with the complementary lighter color can be a hard decision. After you determine the color combination you are searching for then all you have to do is locate the horse, which unfortunately can in some cases be harder to do than deciding on the color combination. This is because there are some color combinations that are considered rare and when they occur together then the price of that particular horse may raise in price due to the fact that most Horse Breeders know the rare combinations and want to benefit from this rarity as much as possible. So this can make searching for specific American Paint Horses for sale very difficult at times, but not impossible. Continue searching until you find what you are looking for because a horse is like every other investment. A horse something you should want to have and care for and finding the horse that fits what you are looking for will help you be more satisfied with what American Paint Horse you finally purchase.

Animaroo horse