Buying Horses for Your Little Girl Part Five

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In this scenario horses for sale are a great option because they’re much easier to look after than say dogs or cats. There’s no mess, you don’t need the land and you aren’t tasked with looking after them. You can just take your daughter to visit your horse and ride it and this is a great way to make their day, to get them some fresh air and to bond with them. The horse will still grow to recognize you – horse’s are surprisingly intelligent, but they will also get to roam free with other horses which will be a great experience for them that will keep them happy and sociable.

Look around and find where the nearest pastures are where you can keep your horse, what services are provided and how much it would cost. Then just add this cost to the cost of the horses for sale and use this to calculate whether or not that’s something to afford.

If you decide to keep your horse on someone else’s pasture, or you realize that you have the land for a horse for sale, then you next need to decide what kind of horse you want to get for your little princess.

Buying Horses for Your Little Girl Part Four

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No, you shouldn’t leave your horse outside in the rain with no shelter, but were they to get a little wet – well it wouldn’t matter hugely.

This all means that you can buy horses for sale then generally just leave them on your land to their own devices. Make sure they are well fed, and put them in the stable at night. Likewise check their ribs to ensure that they aren’t underweight and comb their hair – but all this is stuff that your little girl will love doing – and it’s great bonding time for the two of you looking after the horse.

However if you don’t happen to have enough land to let your horse run free then fear not – horses for sale are not completely off the cards. This is because it is also possible to rent land for your horse to live one. If you pay a monthly fee then you will be able to keep your horse roaming free and actually looked after as well – and you will then be able to go and visit it whenever you like.

Buying Horses for Your Little Girl Part Three

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Once you get your horses for sale though, you needn’t really worry too much about looking after them and this is actually a lot easier than you might think.

For instance, a common concern with miniature horses is that they live outside – most of us think that this then means they are exposed to the elements which means they could easily get ill and have other problems. The reality though is that your horses are actually perfectly suited to living outside and this is the natural way for a horse; their coats are designed for living outside. The way a horse’s coat works is by having lots of very fine hairs that fall naturally onto their back, these then don’t sit entirely flat because they are very light and that means that they create air pockets in and around them where air can collect. This in turn adds to the insulation of your horse’s hair because air is a great insulator. This means that your horse’s coat can keep it warm even when it’s very cold. And more great news – your little girl’s horse will have an oily coat and that will mean that water runs right off it.

Buying Horses for Your Little Girl Part Two

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Here then we will look at whether you should get a horse for your little girl, and how to go about choosing the horse that you want.

Finding horses for sale is easy enough – a quick search online will bring up lots of results and you would be surprised to find that some are quite affordable. The concern that most Father’s have when their little girls are tugging at their arm and begging is whether or not they can look after the horses and where they will go.

If you intend to keep the horses on your own land then you will need a few things – a large patch of land of course, an open shed for them in the pasture (so they can get shelter) and a stable. If you have room for these things then you will be able to keep a horse on your own land and will just need to pay for feed, the upkeep of the horse (grooming, vet bills etc), hay and straw and anything else such as riding equipment and blankets.

Buying Horses for Your Little Girl Part One

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It is a complete stereotype that all little girls want to own a horse, but unlike many other stereotypes, this is one that actually holds a lot of truth – the reality is that a lot of little girls do want to own a horse and if you want to make them as happy as you possibly can on a birthday or something, then getting them a horse is the best way to do so. There are many different places where you can find horses for sale and if you manage to find them then this is all you need to make your girl as happy as possible and to give them the best birthday ever. It’s every little girl’s dream come true to get a horse, and it’s something that will make them incredibly happy – but it’s also a bit of a commitment. While all of us would like to find horses for sale for our daughters, it is not something that every Dad can afford – and even if you can afford the actual horse for sale there’s no guarantee that you will be able to look after it or have the space to keep it. Most of us also don’t know anything about horses in the first place so choosing them can be a little tricky.

Looking After Your Horses in the Winter Part Ten

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At the same time what this also means is that the horses will be in close quarters without much space and this makes disease and bacteria travel much faster. Think about how diseases spread at a hospital or on an airplane – if you seal your horses in then you are creating conditions more akin to this. That then means that your horse will be unable to breath well and more likely to get ill – fresh air circulating around the stall is more important than having the place completely sealed.

All this will be enough to make sure your horse is healthy and well during winter. Surprisingly then it is remarkably easy to keep horses well during the colder months and it means that anyone can benefit from horses for sale even if they aren’t experts at looking after them.

Finally though it is important to make sure you keep checking on your horses to make sure they are well and healthy. Look for signs of illness or weight loss in particular (feel around their ribs for a good idea of their weight) and then get them attention from a vet if necessary.

Looking After Your Horses in the Winter Part Nine

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At the same time as finding the horses for sale and the three sided shed then you also need to look into where you can buy a stall which will let you keep your horse dry and warm at night. There are some measures to take here. First of all to make sure your horse stays warm and dry in the stall you should put in some hay and straw which is insulating and soft for them to lie down on.

People who are new to horses and have only just found a horse for sale often make another mistake when it comes to their storing of horses. Here they will likely be concerned about their horses being cold and will therefore do everything they can to keep the stalls well insulated and prevent wind and air getting in – as they would for their own home.

Again though this is forgetting the important fact that horses are very different from people and that they have better natural defenses against the cold. By trapping the horse in the stall and sealing off all the air, what you actually do is to reduce the amount of moisture in the air and make it hard for them to breath.

Looking After Your Horses in the Winter Part Eight

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When your horses are out in the pasture then a three sided shed is a highly useful thing to have as it allows the horses to hide from the rain and to prevent themselves from getting wet. Remember that your horse’s coat does not work as well when it is wet as it flattens the fur and prevents it from being able to trap air to use as an insulator. Meanwhile rain can cause problems for a horse’s temperature in other ways – because it will steel the horse’s body heat in order to evaporate leaving them colder as a result.

This then means that you can let your horses roam free during the day and means that you don’t need to always be around to lead them to their stalls when it starts to rain – they will be able to take shelter themselves when they need it. When you find Andalusion horses for sale, Mustang horses for sale or any other horse for sale, then you need to also look into purchasing a three sided shed if you are keeping them on your land.

You also need to look into the stall which is where you will keep your horses at night.

Looking After Your Horses in the Winter Part Seven

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Likewise stallions for sale might require more food than other thoroughbred horses for sale as they are much more active and if you intend to race them and to train them then they’ll need the energy.

You should also look after your horse’s health generally. Remember that in the winter your horse will be using more energy to keep warm as we mentioned already. This means that like us, their immune systems are lower and they are more likely to become unwell. What you need to do in this scenario then is to make sure that you give them enough minerals and vitamins in order to keep their immune system healthy and give them more time to rest. What you also need to ensure is that you avoid letting your horse become exposed to germs. For instance if one horse is ill, then find a way to stall it separately to prevent the spread of germs (where possible).

Another important way to keep your horse healthy is to make sure that it has good shelter and places to stay. Here you need to consider your horses stall and shed outside in the pasture.

Looking After Your Horses in the Winter Part Six

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You also need to allow the coat to grow as long as possible in the winter in order to provide them with more heat. Just as you swap from your jacket to your long coat in the winter, so should you allow your horses to do the same. Here you should consider the type of horse you are going to buy again if you find Shetland ponies for sale for instance then note that they have longer fur in general and so might be better suited to the winter months.

Meanwhile another way to help your horse in winter through its diet is to allow it to gain some weight. Fat is a great natural insulator and by increasing the amount of calories in their diet you can help them to build up a protective layer that will insulate them against the cold. Likewise this is important because during the winter it takes more calories for a horse simply to live. This is because its body and metabolism will be working at a faster rate in order to keep its body warm and it will thus need more energy in order to do this. If you don’t give your horse enough calories it will be cold regardless of the fat.

Of course you need to make sure that you give the horse the right amount of feed for its size – if you get Shetland ponies for sale or miniature horses for sale for instance then they are going to of course require less food than stallions for sale.

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