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In North America, when you here the term Mustang, you more than likely think of the car. However, a Mustang is actually a free roaming feral horse. These are horses that actually roam the west of North America. These horses were not naturally here. In fact, they were brought to America by the Spanish a long time ago. Most of the time, people just use the term Mustang to refer to any kind of wild horse. However, a Mustang is really just the correct term for a feral horse. The Mustang, since 1971, has been recognized by the United States Congress as a living symbol of historic value and pioneer spirits of the West. The cool thing about Mustangs is that some of them remain almost completely unchanged from when they were first brought to America. Also, these horses, by a law passed by the United States Congress, are protected and remain untouched since they hold historical value to people.

As of today, the management and the protection of the Mustang horses is left in the hands of the Bureau of Land Management. Of course, in America there is a lot of controversy over sharing the land and its natural resources with the free roaming Mustangs. Not only that, but  lot of people have problems with the methods that have been choosen by the federal government in the management of these wild horses' population. As said before, the Mustang is referred to as a wild horse, but they are not. In fact, as already stated, the Mustang is a feral horse, which is not a wild horse by definition. In fact, the only true wild horse left in America is the Prezewalski's horse, which was native to Mongolia for a long time.

There are a lot of places that these Mustangs could have gotten their start from. However, no matter how you look at it, they are now protected by the Federal Government of the Untied States. They are not to be harmed or herded in any way, shape, or form. When people look back on the history of this animal, most people think that it got it's start in medieval Spain. However, some think that it can be traced further back than that. When they were brought over to America, they where used for many reasons.

These horses remain ever so beautiful, roaming the countryside. The term Mustang actually comes from a Mexican word that means stray. Some people feel that a lot of other horses that we use now have actually been bred with Mustangs. Although it is hard to trace this kind of information any further back, all signs point to yes. Overall, there is a lot you can learn from watching these animals, and they actually have a lot to say about the history of the United States. Mustangs are horses that bring a lot of joy to peoples' lives everyday. People come from all over to see these horses run freely among the land. A lot of photos have been taken of these animals in their natural lifestyle. These pictures sell really good and are favorites among many people.


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