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Quarter horse crosses are horses that can result in a lot of different breeds. One of the most popular quarter horse crosses would have to be the American quarter horse cross. Most people know that these kinds of horses actually excel at short distance running. In fact, the name of the horses come from how fast they are at the quarter mile races, but can even be entered into other types of races. Some of these quarter horse cross breeds have been clocked at speeds over 55 mph. Since America is a place that is all about speed, the quarter horse cross is a horse that is the most popular in the United States to date. This really is an amazing breed, and that is why people like it. They are super fast, and they normally grow attached in some way to their owner. Thus, a lot of people grow attached to their quarter horse cross breed horses.

Of course, these horses do not just do short races. In fact, these horses are also the type of horses that you see in rodeo shows. Some people also use them for ranch work. This is because the quarter horse cross is a type of breed that has a very compact body. It can make speedy maneuvers, and these are the kinds of moves that you want whenever your horse is herding cows. Some people like to enter these horses into shows where they are involved with cattle, because they do so good.

This, of course, is not a horse that is great. It has its own downfall. In fact, quarter horse crosses are not good in long distance running. They have a super fast top speed, but in the end, they can not hold it for very long. Its kind of like a cheetah. Those cats can run over 60 mph, making them the fastest land animals. However, because they have to run at such a high speed, they can only hold it for a few seconds before they tire out. This is the same with the horses. After running at that speed, the horse could be drained for a good portion of the day, making it only good to run that fast whenever the horse is in a show.  

The modern form of this horse is very small and short. However, they are still very strong and have very muscled bodies. Most of these horses stand about 14 to 15 hands high. Some of them can get up to 16 hands high. However, a long time ago, it was not uncommon to see these horses at 17 hands high. Overall, there are two types of body types when it comes to these horses. You can find the ones that are shorter and more compact, which are the agile ones. Then you have the ones that are a bit bigger, and taller. These are known as the hunting ones. Either one you choose to go with, you will be happy with that horse. They are amazing horses, and they seem to please a lot of people.

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