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The Tennessee Walker

The Tennessee Walker is a well known breed of horse. They are mainly used for two things. This would be to enter into shows and to do pleasure riding. These are not horses that you need to use to do work. Although they have a lot of power and they can do just about anything that you want them to do, it is not what they are made for. Tennessee Walkers are well known for their run and their walk. However, there are some bad things that happened to these horses in the past to make them have certain runs and walks. Instead of training the horses the way that people are meant to train them, a long time ago, people use to use different kinds of acid and things like that to put on the inner thighs of the horses' legs. Depending on where you would put this stuff, it would make the horse walk and run in a certain way, mostly to keep things from rubbing on its legs when it runs. This gave the desired look for the horse for shows. However, people soon caught on to this, because it would blister the inside legs of the horse. This kind of treatment of horses is not legal all over the world.


Tennessee Walker horses are known for giving a pretty smooth ride as well. When you ride on these horses, you feel great, because you can hardly feel it. That is why people choose Tennessee Walkers as the horse that they like to take on trails. When you are riding around on these horses, you do not feel it, and it makes for a very nice ride. Overall, people fall in love with these horses right away. People, a lot of times, choose these horses as their first horses. Also, these are the kinds of horses that people get trained to ride on a lot. These are also the perfect horses to take on long trail rides. In fact, there is one event where these horses go walking for ten days with their owners, stopping in certain spots. It is said that this event actually brings in over 30,000 different breeders to be a part of it.

Overall, these horses are amazing looking and very fun to be around. They are very easy to train, and they love to be around people. They do work best as pleasure riding horses, but some like to enter them into shows. Since they learn faster than other horses, a lot of people find that they are the easiest horses to prepare to take into a competition. If you have been looking for the perfect horse to take into a show, then this is the horse for you. On that same note, if you have been looking for a horse that is perfect for you to go riding on, this is the horse for you. Most women say that they love Tennessee Walkers a lot more than other horses. This is because they ofter such a smooth ride for them. They really are great horses.


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