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Dartmoor Ponys

Dartmoor Pony Horses For Sale

Dartmoor Ponies are beautiful feral ponies, living primarily in Southern England.  They have great endurance and stamina, and they are a great working pony or riding pony.  Dartmoor Ponies are very hardy and able to work in harsh climates.  Dartmoor Ponies are strong hooved.  Many Dartmoor Poinies live in the wild in Dartmoor National Park, in England.  There are also many domesticated Dartmoor Ponies.  Dartomoor Ponies are often bay, brown, black, grey chestnut or roan.  There are also Dartmoor Ponies with piebald, skewbald, and a great deal of white—however these colors aren't recognized by the breeding society.  The breeding society was founded in 1924, and now records are kept of the breeding activities of Dartmoors as accurately as possible.  Dartmoor Ponies for sale will be easy to find from local breeders.  You can also find Dartmoor Ponies for sale from other horse owners, or you can find Dartmoor Ponies for sale using the internet.

Dartmoor Pony Horses For Sale

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