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Hequ Horses For Sale

Hegu (Hequ) Horses are strong, ancient horses originating from central China.  For more than a thousand years, Hegu (Hequ) Horses have been a sought-after and multi-talented breed, useful for riding, sport events, and heavy work and farm work.  Hegu (Hequ) Horses are tough and versatile, and are a well-rounded animal.  Hegu (Hequ) Horses are also tireless, massive, and reliable.  Since the breed originates from a high-altitude region of China, Hegu (Hequ) Horses evolved with superior strength and endurance to undergo the rigors of hard work in the thinner atmosphere of the high region in which they were bred.  The coloring of Hegu (Hequ) Horses range from black to gray to brown, and there are several different varieties among Hegu (Hequ) Horses, including the Kesheng, Jiaode, and Suoke.  Suoke and Kesheng tend to be stronger than Jiaode, and larger, with more color variation as well. Hegus (Hequs) for sale will be easy to find from local breeders.  You can also find Hegus (Hequs) for sale from other horse owners, or you can find Hegus (Hequs) for sale using the internet.

Hequ Horses For Sale

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