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Lipizzan Horses For Sale

The Lipizzan Horse is a highly sought-after, aristocratic breed originating in the 16th Century in the Habsburg Empire.  Lipizzan Horses are most often associated with the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, Austria, where select Lipizzan Horses perform advanced dressage and choreographed maneuvers, including balancing on their hind legs, often for public revue.  Lipizzan Horses are usually gray, but darker ones are found as well.  There are relatively few Lipizzan Horses in existence, compared to other breeds, but Lipizzan Horses for sale can still be found.  Lipizzan Horses are very selectively bred and each true Lipizzan Horse can trace its line back to one of six original Lipizzan Horses, and information on a true Lipizzan Horse for sale will include the horse's registry and breeding.

Lipizzan Horses For Sale

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