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Lusitano Horses For Sale

Lusitano Horses originate from Portugal, and are usually solid-colored.  Lusitano Horses were bred originally as war horses, and thus are very courageous and sturdy, and respond aggressively to threats.  A Lusitano Horse is good for dressage and many horse sports, as their breed was developed to endure the rigors of combat on horseback and is well-adjusted to jumping and feats of agility.  Lusitano Horses are also used in traditional Portuguese bullfights.  Lusitano Horses for sale are highly popular and widely available.  You can find a Lusitano Horse for sale from breeders, local owners, or even on the internet.  Despite their military breeding, Lusitano Horses become closely attached to humans and are loyal, intelligent horses with excellent sporting capabilities.  Lusitano Horses are closely related to Andalusian horses.

Lusitano Horses For Sale

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