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Missouri Fox Trotters

Missouri Fox Trotter Horses For Sale

Missouri Fox Trotter Horses for Sale: A Horse for All Seasons

If you are looking for Missouri Fox Trotter horses for sale, you can be sure that you are on the hunt for a horse that is suitable for many disciplines that require stamina. These horses are also pleasant natured, hardy, and attractive. They may have all these qualities in common, but, unlike some other breeds, Missouri Fox Trotters can vary in appearance. Some look like stock horses, while others resemble Morgans.

The height of a Missouri Fox Trotter can be anything between 14hh to 16hh, and they differ greatly when it comes to coloring. These colors include bay, black, buckskin, champagne, chestnut, cremello, palomino, perlino, pinto and sorrel.

When you are looking for Missouri Fox Trotter horses for sale, the important things to look out for are the agility, balance, and athleticism of the horse - rather than looking for one that conforms to a particular “type.” However, you should be looking for a strong conformation and a graceful neck. The head and the muzzle should be nicely tapered, with clean lines. Look for a reasonably short (but strong) back, and a well sloped shoulder. The legs of a Missouri Fox Trotter need to be well muscled too, and the feet should be in proportion.

Missouri Fox Trotters are keen to please, and are ideal for inexperienced riders as well as for the more seasoned horseperson. Their calm and gentle disposition makes them good with children. In fact, whatever your equine needs, a Fox Trotter is likely to be the only horse you will ever want.

Missouri Fox Trotter Horses For Sale

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