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Mule Horses For Sale

Mules are a cross between a male donkey and a female horse.  A Mule will generally look more like a donkey than a horse, however, Mules do retain many horse features, such as facial features, and their long donkey ears tend to be shortened.  The cross between donkeys and horses was made to harness the best qualities of both in a working animal, thus, Mules are particularly good at hard work, very strong, tolerant of harsh environment conditions, and disease resistant.  Mules tend to be sterile, and it is very rare for a fertile Mule to be born.  Mules for sale are widely available, and you can find a mule for sale from a breeder, local owner, or on the internet.  Mules are best as pack and plow animals, but can also be suitable for riding as well.

Mule Horses For Sale

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