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Sorraia Horses For Sale

The Sorraia is nearly extinct. A few herds are maintained in a half dozen places in Spain and a few in Germany. The Sorraia Horse has no history as a domestic breed, but old documents show that these horses were brought to the Americas by the Spanish conquistadors.  The Sorraia coloring is always dun or grullo with a dark muzzle area, black dorsal stripe, black-tipped ears, usually zebra stripes on the legs, and occasionally a stripe across the shoulders, neck and back. The black mane and tail are fringed by lighter-colored hair. Sorraia foals are born with a zebra-like pattern all over. The Sorraia is noted for its ability to withstand extremes of climate and to survive on very little forage. Sorraia Horses for sale are available on a limited basis, particularly in North America, where it is still possible to find a Sorraia Horse for sale.

Sorraia Horses For Sale

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