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Standardbred Horses For Sale

Standardbred Horses for Sale that are far from Ordinary

If you have been looking at Standardbred Horses for sale, you will be aware that they are good looking horses with more muscle than Thoroughbreds. They are also a lot more easy-going than Thoroughbreds, which is a useful trait to have in a racing horse.

Although Standardbreds are renowned for harness racing, and are usually divided into one of two groups (trotters and pacers), they are also highly suitable for a number of other disciplines because they are so intelligent and willing to please. They are dependable and brave animals with a reputation for being ‘bomb proof’, which makes them perfect for everything from being a family horse to a police horse.

One thing to note about racing Standardbreds is that they are trained to be pacers by using hobbles, which is a controversial training aid that is considered by many to be unnatural and cruel.

Standardbreds can be anything from 14hh to 17hh, and are usually bays, although other colors are quite acceptable, with black and chestnut being the next most popular colors. Gray and roan are also standard.

When you are looking at Standardbreds for sale, make sure that the ones that you are interested in have a refined, straight head, and a muscular neck with a nicely shaped crest. The withers should be well defined and the shoulders strong with long, heavy muscles. A Standardbred’s legs should be solid and muscular, and have hooves that are usually tough.

Standardbred Horses For Sale

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