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Zorse Horses For Sale

Zorse Horses are a combination of a male zebra and a female horse.  The Zorse Horse is usually  more zebra-sized than horse-sized, and has a mix of coloring as well.  Zorses often have faded zebra stripes with a darker coat.  Like mules, Zorse Horses are infertile.  Zorse Horses tend to retain many of the wild characteristics of the zebra, such as an aggressive attitude and predilection towards wild behavior.  This makes them extremely difficult to raise and to ride.  While zebras themselves can be ridden, they are far more uncontrollable and dangerous than the Zorse Horse, which is tempered somewhat by the addition of the domestic horse.  Zorse Horses for sale are quite rare, notably because of the difficulty involved not only in importing wild zebras from Africa but also in crossing them, training them, and riding Zorse Horses.  Zorse Horses for sale can be found but are generally not available through many usual advertising and sales channels available to horse buyers. Amateur trainers should not attempt to take on the training of a Zorse Horse, due to the advanced difficulty in training a partly wild animal.

Zorse Horses For Sale

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