Looking After Your Horses in the Winter Part Three

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The first thing to remember is that actually, while you need to be extra careful to look after your horses in winter, they are designed to live outside and they have a thick healthy body of hair designed to keep them warm. Just because the weather is too cold for you does not mean that it is necessarily too cold for them as they are. Firstly, horses have much thicker skin and this helps to keep them warm. At the same time though their hair is also designed to sit up slightly from the skin – and what this means is that they can stand outside for hours without getting too cold. You may remember from school science that air is one of the best insulators around, so if your horse can trap air in its fur then it will be warm and protected against harsh winds.

Some people think that they should get blankets once they’ve found miniature horses for sale and cover them up with these. However this will often do more harm than good – the simple reason being that the blanket will flatten their hair against their body and thereby prevent it from being as good at trapping that air and insulating the horse.

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