Paint Colors And Patterns

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The American Paint horse is a colorful and playful breed. The colors and patterns are actually recognized and named so when individuals are looking for a specific color or pattern type they can easily identify the American Paint Horse color and pattern they prefer. This can also be a little confusing if you are someone that has a hard time determining what you want. For example you can find cremellos, perlino, pearl, and even a shade of grey sometimes in the American Paint Horse. This along with other colors that are the more dominant colors such as sorrel, chestnut, black, bay and brown make the possibilities seem limitless. Determining the dominant color you desire mixed with the complementary lighter color can be a hard decision. After you determine the color combination you are searching for then all you have to do is locate the horse, which unfortunately can in some cases be harder to do than deciding on the color combination. This is because there are some color combinations that are considered rare and when they occur together then the price of that particular horse may raise in price due to the fact that most Horse Breeders know the rare combinations and want to benefit from this rarity as much as possible. So this can make searching for specific American Paint Horses for sale very difficult at times, but not impossible. Continue searching until you find what you are looking for because a horse is like every other investment. A horse something you should want to have and care for and finding the horse that fits what you are looking for will help you be more satisfied with what American Paint Horse you finally purchase.

Paint Horses And Their Loved Characteristics

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For some time now I have wondered what it is about the Paint Horse that people were attracted to outside of the beautiful mixed shades of color. I set out to wonder through pages and pages of information about the Paint Horse and to my surprise there were many fascinating bits of information regarding Paint Horses. The American Paint Horse has strict bloodline requirements much like many of the other horse breeds known in America. The Paint Horse is not just know for its color, for a horse to be considered an American Paint Horse at least one of the horses parents must be registered as an American Paint Horse. The American Paint horse is also required to have a dominant hair coat color with at least one contrasting area of solid white hair. These requirements are just to name a few of the requirements that I discovered when researching the American Paint Horse. Finding American Paint Horses for sale can be difficult as well based on the area you are in and what horse breeds may be more common in your area. Looking for a horse to purchase is not a simple click and find method online. You must research the horse, the breeder, the location, cost of transport, as well as other things that could affect your ability to purchase a Paint Horse and get it to you home or ranch. Being thorough with your search and looking through available horses online will help you find the right American Paint Horse for your desires what ever you desire them to do.

Oh To Be A Horse!

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Researching the species the horse we found many great things and amazing facts. Some of these amazing facts are unbelievable and others just made the staff here at Animaroo Horses a little jealous. For example, a hors only requires a total of 2 ½ hours of sleep each day. And most of that is in 15 minute increments. I immediately starting thing that I could accomplish so much more if I only needed a total of 2 ½ hours of sleep instead of 8 hours just to keep from feeling like I am going to pass out at my keyboard. I could accomplish world domination in that extra 5 ½ hours in a day! Ok well maybe not world domination but I could for sure accomplish laundry domination. My mind starting racing wondering what could I get done if I had an extra 5 ½ hours each day. I could accomplish not just the things that I need to do but some of the things that I wanted to do for fun that I never have time to learn. Like horseback riding! Yes I admit I work for a company that deals with horses and horse sales but I do not know how to ride a horse. I also could not tell the difference between a Quarter Horse and an Appaloosa. I am sure there are very distinguishing things about these breeds when compared to each other but none that my amateur eyes can see. None the less if I had 5 ½ hours extra in each day I am sure that I could learn to at least ride a horse. What on Earth would you be likely to do with 5 ½ extra hours in your day? Would it be creative or would it be restful? Most of the office staff here said they would just get more rest since they all work so hard and put in some long hours sometimes. I had to know what the other office staff decided they would do with their extra hours and I was shocked. Almost unanimously the all said “sleep”. After polling everyone in the office and realizing that the idea does sound a bit lazy I too would have to say a couple extra hours of sleep would be the thing that I would have to choose too.

Hungarian Warmblood: Sounds Like A Hot Date To Me

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So I have determined after a short inner office poll between the ladies in the office that I am the only person in the office who thinks that Hungarian Warmblood sounds extremely provocative instead of like a horse breed. The inner voice in my head says it with a squinted eyes and deep Antonia Banderas accented voice and it makes me giggle every time. Is that what it really should sound like? I am not horse expert but I would have to say if I heard a strongly accented voice tell me “I have Hungarian Warmblood horses for sale. You Buy one?” I would buy one! Now again I have polled the ladies in the office and even though they giggled when I did my personal Banderas impression they said I should not quit my day job. So I hit the books again trying desperately to learn more about the Hungarian Warmblood and its real natural talents and found that it is amazing in many other ways rather than just for a giggle.
The Hungarian Warmblood is a sport horse. Mostly disciplined in things like dressage, show jumping, cross-country and combined driving. The breed standards for the Hungarian Warmblood are now very rigid to insure that they breed is inspected, licensed and approved by the Hungarian Warmblood breeding communities all over the world.
I have to admit if I were on any of these committees on name alone I would want this horse breed to be held to a high standard. We can’t have such a strong name giving way to a meek and tender idea in the minds of individuals like me. We want a name like Hungarian Warmblood horses to strike an air of highly sophisticated, elegant, and mysteriously provocative. Ok! Maybe not the provocative part but I will allow my imagination to run wild and free with silly ideas of regal underlain blood lines. Strong blood lines and horses with manly attitude and strength in every step gallantly taken as the definitions that race amongst the images in my head every time I hear the name Hungarian Warmblood.

Quarter Horse Stands For What

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The things that we learn when we have a few minutes to surf the web amaze me still to this day. For many years I thought the term Quarter in Quarter Horse was an indication of a horses breeding or a horses actual size. Recently I have learned however that I was completely incorrect. The Quarter in Quarter Horse stands for the type of horse that is bred for running quickly in shorter distances such as a quarter mile. I felt like I was not living up to my normal nerdy standards so I researched further to find that the Quarter horse was originally designed in the Virginia area according to most sources on the net but some contend that it was the great racing state of Kentucky that started the breeding of the Quarter Horse. With time not on my side I left the searching and relished the fact that I had become slightly more educated for the day. I had learned that Quarter in the name Quarter Horse is merely a way for a buyer to know when he or she is looking to purchase a horse searching for Quarter Horses for sale will help them find a smaller horse, with the possible ability and training needed to run as quickly as possible in shorter distances. I have also learned that the Quarter Horse is a horse that is great for smaller individuals to ride and they can be used for things other than what they were originally intended. The amazing thing about horses is they are an extremely versatile animal and when they are trained, cared for, and used properly can be used for a wealth of things other than what they may have been originally bred to accomplish. Horses of all different breeds and training standards are at the very least an animal that can serve for many purposes and will always be needed.

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