Thoroughbred In The Movie War Horse

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The recently released movie War Horse features the birth of a beautiful Bay Thoroughbred Horse in the beginning of the movie. The young man who watch’s this magnificent moment Albert Narracott played by Jeremy Irvine, is depicted in a moment of awe as he stands aside watching the birth. The plot unfolds as it shows the curious young boy attempting to entice the young horse with an apple with the hopes to possible get to touch this beautiful young colt. As luck would have it Narracotts father was feeling a bit arrogant the day this amazing horse was brought to action and was not willing to give up until he won the prized young horse. The Thoroughbred horse was bought and brought home as a farm horse but as the story unfolds the family becomes desperate to pay rent and the horse is then sold to the army. Young Narracott is distraught and promises to find young Joey, which is the Thoroughbreds name and they depart. Without giving away too much of the movie the Young boy who grows to be a man joins the war, and he finds his precious Thoroughbred. It is endearing and worth the lengthy story just to see them reunited in the end; War Horse is a great movie to watch with any horse lover or animal lover.

Today’s Popularity With The Belgian Horse

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Today the Belgian horse is the most popular draft horse. With the kind temperament and the easy to handle attitude they are also becoming a favorite for trail riding. These magnificent beauties are favored for many great aspects not just their gentle nature. The Belgian Horse is one of the commonly known horses to use for heavy duty work as well. They are alarmingly strong and dedicated to the task that needs to be completed. This astonishing ability to work through tasks that are considered heavy duty, as well as the wonderful disposition that most Belgian Horses have are just part of the many things that make them a great asset to any horse owner. The Belgian is also such a versatile breed that many owners use them for leisure and work and can even do this all in one day with most of this breed. The stock body and the lofty farming background gives this breed a thumbs up all the way around from many adoring individuals all over the United States. The breed is amazing in and of itself as well as its history and workability as a horse breed. There are few other horse breeds that can compare to the many different things that the Belgian Horse can do everyday.

Show Pony The American Walking Horse

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Many breeds are bred for a specific intent on the use of that particular bred. Some are breed for agility others are bred for things like stamina and strength. All the while other horses are breed specifically for show. The American Walking Pony is just that, a horse breed that was intended as a show horse breed. The American Walking Pony has been used in the show arena and since its creation has won several events such as the Open Pleasure, Open Western Pleasure, as well as the Competitive Trail Division. It has easily won such competitions because of its natural developments. It is because the Pony can be taught to walk a certain way, as well as with certain amounts of pressure on a particular leg or not. The American Walking Pony is also very easy to train and is most often used to being harnessed. It can also acclimate to the particular types of equipment needed in different show situations. The greatness never ceases with the American Walking Pony and it can often be attributed to the originating breeds crossed to create this breed. The Tennessee Walking Horse and the Welsh Pony are the back bone of this horse cross breeding in its origination but as with most crosses the breed holds its own when being breed to this day.

American Walking Pony A New Generation

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The American Walking Pony is considered a fairly new horse breed. It is bred by crossing the Tennessee Walking Horse with the Welsh Pony. This combination of horse breeds gives the desired outcome that individuals were looking for when the American Walking Pony was created. The breed averages in height around 14 hands tall and it can be many different colors. This horse breed has the ability to be multiple gaits such as walking, pleasure walking, merry walk, trot, canter, slow gait and the rack. This is because it has three unique gaits but is able to compete in seven. The American Walking Pony is used for these specific gaits because it has the ability to be that versatile to its owner. With the Welsh Pony heritage in place the pony also makes for an excellent light hunter which adds to the many different things this horse is know to be used for. The amazing abilities bred into this breed were done on purpose when the originating cross began. Just as a little history teaser the first great registered stallion as an American Walking Pony was BT Golden Splendor and the first mare was Browntree’s Flicka.

American Saddlebred In The Movies

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It is often great to see that our favorite horse breeds are featured in some of our favorite movies. From time to time it is nice to revisit some of the older movies to reminisce about the horses used in those movies. For example the movie Flicka released in 2006 used a common horse breed the American Saddlebred. It is said that the horse was a wild horse that a young girl found and trained so she could prove her ability to manage the family farm. There were several horses used in the Movie Flicka but it is said that all the horses were American Saddlebred or Thoroughbreds. They were trained for many hours and in some cases lengthy days for the part as Flicka. The Young girl is played by the beautiful actress Alison Lohman. This film also featured famous singer Tim McGraw. It was a touching film and even though it was six years ago this may be a great weekend idea for any horse lover to watch again. It is considered to be timeless by many horse lovers and touching by those who just love a great family friendly film to sit down and watch over the weekend.

Belgian Horse Medieval Up In Here

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Its amazing the things that you can discover while wondering through countless pages of information about horses. The Belgian horse for example has a distinct and rather interesting history. The “great horse” as it was once called by the medieval knights in battle is one of the truest forms of the first nickname for the Belgian Horse. This breed not only got its nick name from the medieval times but it is a direct horse descendant from that era as well. In the late 19th century Belgium was sending this breed through exports all over the Europe and the world. By 1903 the lofty Belgian horse had made it’s way to the World Fair in St. Louis Missouri. This is a long ways away from the Belgian farms they were originally bred for but it has brought them into the hearts of many today. The beauty of this breed is not all they have as attributes, it has been documented that the Belgian Horse can actually pull a load up to 8,000 lbs as well as work a full 8 to 10 hour day. The breed is kind and easy to handle as well as able to handle a work load that puts most other horses to shame. The look of the Belgian coat is most often a Bay color with a lighter mane and tail. They average 16 to 18 hands high and most often the Sorrel color coat is the sought after in color.

From Then To Now The Arabian

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The Arabian Horse is said to be the oldest Horse Breeds in the world. They were prized for the beauty as well as their stamina through the harsh climates in the desert terrain. Fr most of the available information that dates the breed it shows them in existence for over 4500 years. The development of the Arabian is contributed to a nomadic culture in the African desert regions. From then to now the Arabian has thrived and is still a prized possession to its owner. The beauty still surpasses many other horse breeds as well as the stamina in hard terrain. The unique look of this stunning beast is adored by many through out the world. The Arabian horse has fine facial features and is often small in stature. In some cases it has been proven that the Arabian blood is traced in the Thoroughbred as well as a few other horse breeds. Many other characteristics of the Arabian that people love today are that they have a loving disposition and enjoy the company of their human counter parts. The Arabian is also known for its high intelligence and easy going personality that gives it an upper hand on being trained.

The Distinct Breed Caspian Miniature Horse

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The Caspian Horses delicate and refined look is deceiving. The Hardy and durable body of this Hot Blooded Arabian descendent is hidden under its delicate exterior presentation. History shows the Caspian as almost extinct at one point but in the 1960’s was revived and brought back to popularity. Sine then the breed has grown and many individuals love the breed dearly. The Caspian is also loved by many because they are a horse breed that is a social butterfly. They love to be around people and love to be given lots of attention. Most of all children love the breed because of the fact that this horse breed is perfect in size and many horse riding schools use them during training and learning. Because of the congeniality of this horse breed it is versatile for many uses that involve children and the use of this breed. There are many lovers of this horse breed and have been many lovers of this breed for years. The Caspian Horse lovers have several associations that have developed over the years and most individual owners belong to these associations and organizations. Many of the Caspian associations and organizations are considered non-profit as with most organizations and associations.

Animaroo horse