Andalusian Horses for Sale

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The Andalusian Horse is a breed of horses which was first bred in Iberian Peninsula. Another name for these horses is “Pure Spanish Horse”. The ancestors of the Andalusian horse breed have been present in the Iberian Peninsula for many centuries; these horses came to use in the fifteenth century.

They are popular for their bravery and strength which makes them war horses, the breed was also given the noble prize due to its attractive and useful characteristics. The Government of Spain used these horses as the tool of diplomacy.
The Andalusian horses have big tails, these horses are usually gray or dark brown but still they are available in many other colors. They are very intelligent and obedient, which comforts the rider. Andalusians horses for sale, are used for distinctive purposes including show jumping, driving and equestrian. These horses have starred in many TV shows and movies in the past.

The kings also preferred and rode Spanish horses. In the 1960′s, it was not allowed to export the Andalusian Horse from Spain but this action was of no use as this breed did spread out to the whole world after a period of time they became common and were widely used then. In 2003, over seventy thousand Andalusians were registered worldwide.

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