From Then To Now The Arabian

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The Arabian Horse is said to be the oldest Horse Breeds in the world. They were prized for the beauty as well as their stamina through the harsh climates in the desert terrain. Fr most of the available information that dates the breed it shows them in existence for over 4500 years. The development of the Arabian is contributed to a nomadic culture in the African desert regions. From then to now the Arabian has thrived and is still a prized possession to its owner. The beauty still surpasses many other horse breeds as well as the stamina in hard terrain. The unique look of this stunning beast is adored by many through out the world. The Arabian horse has fine facial features and is often small in stature. In some cases it has been proven that the Arabian blood is traced in the Thoroughbred as well as a few other horse breeds. Many other characteristics of the Arabian that people love today are that they have a loving disposition and enjoy the company of their human counter parts. The Arabian is also known for its high intelligence and easy going personality that gives it an upper hand on being trained.

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