Donkey A Great Friend

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The Donkey is often the butt of many jokes and so many forget the loyal friendship that could be had when they own a Donkey. It may be a cartoon that is an all time favorite for many children and adults the Donkey in Shrek is a great example of how the donkey can be. They are friendly and caring and it is rumored that they are a lover not a fighter, but again that is just a rumor. The Donkey sure does portray a lover in Shrek the movie that is for sure. Actual donkeys are affectionate but have been know to be aggressive in some cases. For the most part a donkey is very loyal and loving to their care giver and this is what most owners love. They know that when they bring home a new animal after searching for Donkeys for sale they can bet that these creatures for the most part that is affectionate. They can also bet that these guys are willing to give 110% to any task they are needed for. Just like in the movie Donkey was right there at Shrek’s side ready to take on dragons and angry mobs just to defend his only friend. The movie has become a classic and an all time favorite for thousands and Donkey will live on in infamy. The real life donkey will always be willing to be there for their owners to do what ever task is needed to accomplish. This one factor alone is what makes the donkey a true friend to his owner.

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