Clydesdale Horses for Sale

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The Clydesdale breed hails from Clydesdale in Scotland. It is named after the region; this breed is tall and usually available in bay color. Due to the presence of sabino genetics, the breed has white markings on various parts of the body.

This breed’s height is approximately 16 to 18 hands which is equal to 64 to 72 inches. Its weight is 820 to 910 kilograms that is 1800 to 2000 pounds. As mentioned above, their color is usually bay but they also take place in chestnut, roan, gray and black colors.

The white markings are present on the face, feet and legs and sometimes in the lower belly. Extra feathers present on their feet make them very fluffy and they seem to be wide and big.

Clydesdale Horses for Sale is different in body size depending on the gender. Stallions are usually 18 hands tall and weigh approximately 2200 pounds. Like the Icelandic horses their shoulders are sloping, they have a straight face with wide muzzle and a broad forehead.

In earlier days, this breed was used for agricultural needs and still is being used for draught purposes. Moreover, they rarely participate in races and more to lift heavy weights.

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