Draft Horses For Sale What Do They Do

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It has been speculated by individuals who are not fully aware of the different horse breeds and training that a Draft Horse is a horse breed. A Draft Horse is a heavy horse that is trained to pull a load. Most often the Draft Horse is used by farmers who use them on their acreage. These large horses do manual labor on farm that needs to be completed by an animal with lots of muscle. These Draft Horses are most often the Belgian or the Percheron or in some cases a mix of these breeds. Most Draft Horses stand a minimum of 16 hand high and work well hauling large loads of wood or hey around the farm as the farmer sees it is needed. Most individuals who are searching Draft Horses for sale are looking for and desiring a horse with lots of muscle and stamina. The muscle is needed for the heavy duty work that they are to accomplish and stamina is needed to complete the tasks that are heavy tasks that need to be done over a long day of work. Most of the work that needs to be accomplished by these large animals will test their limits in some cases and in other cases it will give them a good workout. The work that most Draft horses produce in a day far out weighs the average horses work day.

Draft Horses for Sale

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Draft horses are large and heavy which are bred for performing difficult tasks that require enormous strength. Its characteristics are the only reason why they were indispensible to the past generations of farmers.

These horses have great patience, strength and their temperament bounds them to act as disciplined animals. Such traits are very beneficial for the heavy farming tasks like ploughing. Moreover, their movement is quite upright because of their tremendously muscular build and rigid body proportions.

Another purpose for which they are widely used is crossbreeding. They are famous for creating sports horses by crossbreeding with the light riding horses such as the thoroughbreds. They are used for many events and are mostly found performing under saddle very excellently.

It is important to take good care of their diet in order to maintain their stiff look and massive build. Those who are looking for draft horses for sale should consider researching about their feed and exercises in order to groom them properly.

A notable point about managing their feed is that they have a metabolism system that is similar to that of ponies. Another important pointer is that their daily need can be fulfilled with grain feeding equivalent to 0.3% of their body weight.

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