Miniature Horses for Sale – Know the Difference

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There are many people out there who get confused when distinguishing between ponies and miniature horses and they tend to ask what the difference between both the kinds is? Answer to this question lies in the body proportion of both the animals.

Ponies are cute little types of horses; they are shorter than 14 hands and have a bulky structure. Their build is cobbier than miniature horses whereas the miniature horses are intended to be the miniature version of regular horses. Thus they have a body proportion vary similar to that of regular horses.

According to AMHR (American Miniature Horse Register) miniature horse means a perfectly balanced small horse that should look similar to a full-sized horse when photographed without any background to give a sense of size.

There are many online sellers who display ponies and title them as miniature horses for sale. These scamming stores are likely to steal the buyer’s money for a cheaper horse; therefore it is vital to know the difference before shopping for miniature horses.

Many online animal stores also have a huge directory of Miniature horses to serve their client with the best they have. Those legitimate sites that offer more than one or two miniature horses in their directory are surely selling the right animals, considering the variety they have.

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