American Saddlebred In The Movies

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It is often great to see that our favorite horse breeds are featured in some of our favorite movies. From time to time it is nice to revisit some of the older movies to reminisce about the horses used in those movies. For example the movie Flicka released in 2006 used a common horse breed the American Saddlebred. It is said that the horse was a wild horse that a young girl found and trained so she could prove her ability to manage the family farm. There were several horses used in the Movie Flicka but it is said that all the horses were American Saddlebred or Thoroughbreds. They were trained for many hours and in some cases lengthy days for the part as Flicka. The Young girl is played by the beautiful actress Alison Lohman. This film also featured famous singer Tim McGraw. It was a touching film and even though it was six years ago this may be a great weekend idea for any horse lover to watch again. It is considered to be timeless by many horse lovers and touching by those who just love a great family friendly film to sit down and watch over the weekend.

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