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American Saddlebred

Saddlebred is a very popular horse breed especially in the entertainment industry as many of these horses have been used in movies and have featured on television dailies.  These horses are known as American Saddlebred horses as they are originated in America and they were also used in the revolutionary war. There are many Hollywood actors who are the owners of this breed (saddlebred) of horses.

This breed was developed in Kentucky by plantation owners. They are commonly seen in saddle seat style riding, in the horse show world. The main purpose of saddle seat riding is to show off the extra ordinary gaits of the horse. Saddle seat is totally different from hunt seat and dressage. Probably this led to the name of the breed as American Saddlebred.
The personality and stamina of American Saddlebred is very charming and that is the reason it can accomplish any kind of task. American Saddlebreds are known to be very kind and affectionate but they also possess a great quality of showing exaggerated actions and probably that is the reason these are highly seen on television. They have very distinctive eyes, very large and expressive which differentiates them from other horses. Long and well shaped ears enhance the beauty of this horse.

The body shape of this horse is very proportionate and its overall presence is very striking. American Saddlebred horses are also referred to as the “peacock of the horse show world”. They are very flexible at the poll and have long neck with a clean throatlatch. An American Saddlebred has very deep shoulders with a sloping which enhances the appearance of this horse. You can find this horse in variety of colors like black, bay, chestnut, brown, etc. You can find this breed of horse of height ranging from 14 to 17 hands.

Ancestors of this breed were gifted with natural gait. The four common gaits which you can find in this type of breed are walk, trot, canter and gallop. Many people consider it as three gaits as they think canter is one of the variations of gallop. Walk has a four beat gait, trot has a two beat gait that involves diagonal pair of legs, canter has a three beat gait which is faster than the average trot, and last but not the least gallop, it is just like canter but the only difference is it is little faster than canter and it may change to four beat.
The American Saddlebreds actually are said to have five gaits but they can learn additional gaits. They can perform them by lifting their legs high and this motion is called as prancing motion and it is performed by a slow gait.  Horse gaits are many times God gifted but if they are not then there are special trainers who teach them gaits. These horses are a pleasure to ride.

It can be said that the American Saddlebred horse is a complete package of excitement and thrill. You must feel proud if you are the owner of this horse as it is one of its kinds.

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