Quarter Horse Stands For What?

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The things that we learn when we have a few minutes to surf the web amaze me still to this day. For many years I thought the term Quarter in Quarter Horse was an indication of a horses breeding or a horses actual size. Recently I have learned however that I was completely incorrect. The Quarter in Quarter Horse stands for the type of horse that is bred for running quickly in shorter distances such as a quarter mile. I felt like I was not living up to my normal nerdy standards so I researched further to find that the Quarter horse was originally designed in the Virginia area according to most sources on the net but some contend that it was the great racing state of Kentucky that started the breeding of the Quarter Horse. With time not on my side I left the searching and relished the fact that I had become slightly more educated for the day. I had learned that Quarter in the name Quarter Horse is merely a way for a buyer to know when he or she is looking to purchase a horse searching for Quarter Horses for sale will help them find a smaller horse, with the possible ability and training needed to run as quickly as possible in shorter distances. I have also learned that the Quarter Horse is a horse that is great for smaller individuals to ride and they can be used for things other than what they were originally intended. The amazing thing about horses is they are an extremely versatile animal and when they are trained, cared for, and used properly can be used for a wealth of things other than what they may have been originally bred to accomplish. Finding Quarter Horses for sale is also easy to do because of these great accomplishments. Horses of all different breeds and training standards are at the very least an animal that can serve for many purposes and will always be needed.

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