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Quarter Horse Horses For Sale

Quarter Horses for Sale: What to Look For

The Quarter horse has been nicknamed the world’s fastest athlete for good reason: they have been known to clock up to 90km/h over short distances. In fact, the origins of breed’s name stems from this horse’s ability to outrun other breeds over distances of a quarter of a mile or less.

When looking at Quarter horses for sale, there are some things to be aware of. Generally, a Quarter horse stands between 14hh and 16hh, has a broad chest, and powerful hindquarters. The body should be well muscled and the head is short with a straight profile. These horses are incredibly agile and are well suited to western disciplines - as well as for working with cattle and other ranch work.

However, some Quarter horses have been bred for in-hand showing and are referred to as Halter type. There is a lot of controversy in the equine world regarding these horses, because they have been bred to retain the typical features of the breed (such as the small head, for example), but they are larger than usual and have extreme muscle mass. This can have serious health consequences and links to genetic diseases.

Owners, breeders, and veterinarians are concerned that these horses are not as agile as other Quarter horses, and that it is inevitable that these horses will become unsound. This makes it imperative that you do as much homework as you can when you come to look at Quarter Horses for sale. Luckily, there are many reputable Quarter horse breeders for you to choose from.

Quarter Horse Horses For Sale

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